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A photo taken during a ceremony of blessing a cornerstone. Ah, those Spanish dalmatics…

Card. Gasparri

Pietro cardinal Gasparri sitting on the throne during a solemn pontifical Mass.

Abp. Lefebvre

Apostolic Delegate for French-speaking Africa, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre C.S.Sp., during a visit to Madagascar.

Procession of the Holy Blood

Bishops participating in the Procession of the Holy Blood taking place annually in Bruges on the day of Ascension.

Beginnning of a match

Having given his blessing, the bishop walks among the players so that they can kiss his ring.

Appeal of tassels

Every girl loves tassels… :) In the photo: Lawrence card. Shehan, the archbishop of Baltimore.


The Archbishop of Palermo, Ernesto Cardinal Ruffini, surrounded by canons,  conferring minor orders.

Old Belgium

Dutch bishops during a procession of the Holy Blood in Bruges. In 1310, Pope Clement V issued a bull, in which he …

Bp. Sheen’s consecration

Bp. Fulton Sheen’s episcopal consecration. On this occasion we give our regards to Iza from the blog Arcybiskup Fulton J. Sheen.


During one of the sessions of the Second Vatican Council.

Cat pompons

It is a standard that cardinal Burke has red socks. It is obvious that mons. Wach has shoes with buckles. It is …

Umbraculum modo polonico ;)

In a parish where the church was being built and did not have even the roof Corpus Cristi was celebrated. It started …

True :)

Cardinal Macharski is absolutely right :)


Technological development does not exclude pompons :)


Lavabo inter innocentes linteas meas et levigabo altare tuum Domine (I shall wash my tablecloths among the innocent and I shall iron …

Papal combo :)

The first picture of that kind in the history of the Church.