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Silks, trains and ermines, Page 3

Card. Cicognani

Amleto Cardinal Cicognani surrounded by his entourage: three familiares in ferraiolos holding prelate’s belongings (saturno with tabarro and mantelletta), a train-bearer in croccia …


Paul-Émile Cardinal Léger P.S.S. in cappa magna of moire silk during a speech [source: The Far Sight 2.0].

Card. Villeneuve

Jean Marie cardinal Villeneuve O.M.I., metropolitan archbishop of Quebec.


Luigi Barlassina, the Patriarch of Jerusalem, at the incensation of the gifts after the Offertory during the pontifical Mass celebrated on the …

Card. Spellman and Indians

Blue Corn, six year old Indian girl, kneels and kisses the ring of Francis cardinal Spellman in front of St.Patrick’s Cathedral in …


The train, or the tail of the choir cassock [photo from Ceremonia y rúbrica de la Iglesia española].

The Sacred Purple

Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke. The picture was taken during his visit in the benedicitne Oratory of Ss. Gregory and Augustine in St. …

Card. Siri

Giuseppe Cardinal Siri, the archbishop of Genoa, in solemn choir dress.

Card. Giustini

Philip Cardinal Giustini in the summer choir dress with a spread cassock’s train.

Card. Rugambwa

Laurentius Cardinal Rugambwa, the bishop of Rutabo in Tanzania, in the winter cappa magna. It is said that the information about his …

Abp. van de Wetering

Henricus van de Wetering, the archbishop of Utrecht, in the summer cappa magna tied up in the front.

Card. Mercier

Desiré-Félicien-François-Joseph cardinal Mercier, the archbishop of Mechelen.

Card. Spellman

Francis Joseph Cardinal Spellman, the archbishop of New York, in abito piano.

Abp. Spellman

Francis Spellman, the Archbishop of New York, in the winter cappa magna with Canadian military chaplain.

Card. Mooney

Edward Cardinal Mooney, the archbishop of Detroit, in the winter cappa magna.

Card. Lepicier

Alexius Cardinal Lepicier as the papal legate to Paris ceremonies related to St. Joan of Arc.

Card. Moran

Patrick Cardinal Moran, the archbishop of Sydney, in a choir cassock with a spread train. He was the first priest serving in …

Pontifical Mass

The choir cassock with train ♥ The spread train, like the pallium, was a sign of the jurisdiction over a specific territory.


Bishop Richard Collins in a cassock with a spread train during the procession before the Mass he celebrated after the consecration of …