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Silks, trains and ermines, Page 5

Kard. Serédi

The Prince Primate of Hungary Jusztinián cardinal Serédi O.S.B. in winter cappa magna with ermine cape with tails.

Missa coram

Consecration during a solemn Mass which was celebrated from the faldstool by papal delegate abp. Godfrey in the Westminster cathedral in the …

Episcopal consecration

Episcopal consecration in the cathedral of St. Vibiana in Los Angeles, March 19, 1941. The newly consecrated bishop Joseph McGucken is sitting on …

A tail rolled up

On the right there is a monisgnor in a choir cassock with a train rolled up, on which he donned a rochet and …

Card. Mercier

Cardinal Désiré Mercier in a summer cappa magna, whose train, against the rules, is carried by two train-bearers in page’s attire.


Under the baldachin, assisted by honorary canons, there is papal nuncio Eugenio Pacelli in a summer cappa magna.

McIntyre and Spellman

Abp. McIntyre during enthronisation in the Los Angeles cathedral: the crosier is handed over to him by card. Spellman. Both of them …

The Spanish cappa magna

José Francisco Orozco y Jiménez, the archbishop of Guadalajara, in the Spanish cappa magna. He relentlessly defended the freedom of the Church …

Pentitential procession

Cardinal Giovanni Battista Montini, surrounded with canons of the Milan cathedral, is carrying a cross. The penitential character of the procession, which …


Little girl taking a photo of cardinal Spellman (in the ferraiolo of watered silk).

Joyful cardinal

Card. Léger P.S.S. in a choir cassock – he did not do well during the Council but everyone looked good in pompons …