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Canon Thiébaux

Ksiądz Jerzy Thiébaux (1880-1961), kanonik honorowy katedry w Nancy, w zimowym stroju chórowym z dystynktorium na wstędze leżącym na gronostajowej pelerynce capppae.

Msgr. Scognamiglio Clá Dias

Monsignor João Scognamiglio Clá Dias, founder of the Heralds of the Gospel, an international association of the faithful of pontifical right, honorary …

On St. Sebastian

Cardinal Schuster, archbishop of Milan, surrounded by the assistants during the pontifical High Mass celebrated on the day of the liturgical memorial …

Corpus Christi in the Ambrosian Rite

Cardinal Schuster assisted by honorary deacons during the procession of Corpus Christi in Milan, 1939. According to the custom of the Ambrosian …

Canon Cachia

Vincenz Cachia in the choir dress of the honorary canon of the collegiate Basilica of Saint Helen at Birkirkara


Canons of the Cathedral of Salamanca in winter cappae.

Fr. Lerch

Fr. Teodor Michał Lerch in the choir dress of a honorary canon of the Metropolitan Chapter of Poznań [source].

Sicut cervus

The Archbishop of Florence, Agostino Cardinal Bausa, on his way to the the Baptistery of St. John located at the cathedral of …

At St. Helen’s

A canon of the Collegiate Basilica of St. Helen in Birkirkara with a hood of the cappae put on the head during the …

In Sevilla

The procession on the Palm Sunday departing from the Our Lady Cathedrad in Seville with the participation of the Archbishop Eustaquio Cardinal …


Brothers Joseph and Augustin Lémann in the choir dress of the canons of Lyon. The brothers were Jewish orphans who grew up in …


A member of the chapter of the cathedral of St. Nicholas in Fribourg, dressed in an almuce, is welcoming Father Charles Journet …


Canons of the Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul during the procession on the feast of both of the Apostles, Nadur, Gozo …


Spanish canons in choir dress during the Corpus Christi procession, Toledo, 1951 [the source: Toledo Olvidado].

Chanoine Le Goff

François Marie Le Goff, an honorary canon of the Saint-Étienne Cathedral in Saint-Brieuc and the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Coutances.

Arrastre de Caudas

A canon of the cathedral in Quito in a solemn choir dress with a spread train during the penitential ceremony called Arrastre …

Canon Baron

Father Paul Alphonse Baron in the attire of an honorary canon of the cathedral chapter of Cambrai with an almuce slung over …


Canons in solemn choir dresses during the procession of Corpus Christi, Barcelona, beginning of the 20th century.

Fr. Cañada

Fr. José López Cañada, beneficiary of the Toledo cathedral, in the choir dress.

Rev. Cachia

Reverend Vincenz Cachia, an archpriest of St. Helen’s Basilica in Birkirkara (Malta), in choir dress. What is interesting and unique, the stole …