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Tota pulchra et pretiosa, Page 2

Mass kit

The mass kit from the first half of the 13th century including a chalice, a paten and a tube for consuming the Precious Blood (fistula). Everything …

Holy Blood

The reliquary containing a glass vial with a piece of cloth drenched in the Precious Blood of Christ, which according to the …

Bar Iona

Blessed art thou, Simon Bar-Jona… Bar Iona, or the Son of the Dove. And on the formale, which is visible in the photo …

La Lechuga

The gold custody from the church of St. Ignatius in Bogota, early 18th century. Because of the color of the decorations (green …

Chalice of abp. Sheen

The chalice of Archbishop Fulton Sheen made of jasper by the famous goldsmith workshop of the Keibel family in St. Petersburg.

Cathedral in Amiens

An evening illumination of the Notre-Dame of Amiens Cathedral points out that the Middle Ages, like the antiquity, was cheerfully colorful: this …

Monstrance from Lublin

The monstrance from the 2nd quarter of the 17th century from the treasury of the Dominican monastery in Lublin [photo by IKTP].


The cover of the Book of the Gospels from the 17th century, Basilica of St. Nicholas, Bari [the source].

Maria Christina’s gift

The silver chalice, gilded, decorated with medallions of glazed ceramic: on its foot with the scenes from the life of Christ and …


A rose pluviale, i.e. the cope from the Klosterneuburg Abbey of the Augustinian Canons. What a tassel!

Imperial mitre

The precious mitre (praetiosa) presented to Pope Leo XIII by Kaiser Wilhelm I Hohenzollern [the source: The Saint Bede Studio Blog].

Herma of St. Hedwig

Reliquary Bust of St. Hedwig of Silesia founded in 1512 r. by the collegiate chapter of the Holy Cross in Wrocław.

Chalice and paten

This are not a vessels made according to the principle of “noble simplicity”.

Piotr Kmita’s chasuble

The chasuble with embroidered scenes from the life of St. Stanislaus, donated  by Cracow Voivode Piotr Kmita in the beginning of the 16th …


Petrvs – Πέτρος – כיפא

Dalmatic from Toledo

The dalmatic with the bishop’s coat of arms of the later Cardinal, Archbishop of Toledo and the Latin Patriarch of Alexandria, Pedro …

Cologne Cathedral

High Cathedral of St. Peter in Cologne during construction work in 1856.