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Una sancta


Bishops of the Catholic Church of the Coptic Rite surrounded by clergy and altar servers. In the middle is His Holiness Cyril Macaire, …

Byzantine Abp. Sheen

Archbishop Fulton Sheen in the vestments for celebration of the Divine Liturgy. As you can see, the Byzantine rite vestments include elements of …

Una cum Papa

Benedict XV in choir dress and tabarro surrounded by the Eastern Catholic clergy.


Cardinals paying homage to the newly elected Pope John XXIII. The second in line, in a characteristic cappa magna, is standing Cardinal Agagianian.

Patriarch of Antioch

Syriac Catholic Patriarch of Antioch Ignace Gabriel I Tappouni with a double pectoral cross.


A Holy Mass celebrated in the Ambrosian rite in the Roman Pantheon, May 2, 2010.


Credimus et confitemur Romanum pontificem habere universalis Ecclesiae primatum et in totam Ecclesiam plenitudinem potestatis obtinere et esse Christi vicarium et maximum …

Chaldean Rite

A Holy Mass in the Chaldean Rite – the prayer before the breaking of the Bread.

In Greek at the Vatican

Holy Mass in the Greek rite celebrated coram Summo Pontifice in the Basilica of St. Peter on the occasion of the 1600th anniversary …

Bp. Kocyłowski

Wladyka blessed Josaphat Kotsylovsky – bishop of Przemyśl, visits the Greek Catholic parish in Kraków. We would like to draw your attention …

Italo-Albanian Church

The Divine Liturgy celebrated on the Easter Sunday in the cathedral of the Great Martyr Demetrius belonging to the Catholic Church of …

Our Lady of Leśna

Divine Liturgy celebrated in front of the painting of Our Lady of Leśna on the occasion of its arrival to Leśna Podlaska. …

Rite of Milan in Rome

The Pontifical High Mass in the Ambrosian Rite celebrated by card. Montini in the Basilica of St. Peter during the Second Vatican …

Bp. Budka

Blessed Nykyta Budka, auxiliary Bishop of the Greek Catholic Archeparchy of Lviv, died in a Soviet labor camp in 1949. Beatified by …


The procession during the 1st. National Eucharistic Congress, Poznań A.D. 1930.

In Lyon

A Mass in the Lyonese Rite celebrated in the presence of card. Albert Decourtray, the Primate of the Gauls, in the metropolitan …

Θεία Λειτουργία

Divine Liturgy celebrated in the presence of the Pope John XXIII in front of the Confessio of St. Peter in the Vatican …

Ambrosian Rite at St. Peter

A Holy Mass in the Ambrosian Rite celebrated in the presence of Holy Father John XXIII by Cardinal Montini, Archbishop of Milan, …

At St. Peter’s

The Divine Liturgy celebrated in St. Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican.

Chirotony of bp. Coussa

A view of the Sistine Chapel during the episcopal ordination of Gabriel Coussa conferred by Pope John XXIII (visible on the throne …

In forma Crucis

A Holy Mass celebrated in the Ambrosian Rite in a side chapel of the basilica of St. John in Lateran.