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Card. Pacelli

Card. Pacelli during a Pontifical Mass on Catholics Day in Potsdam.

Missa pontificalis

Cardinal Tisserant during High Pontifical Mass celebrated on the occasion of the dedication of the University of Notre Dame library (South Bend, …

Card. Quiroga Palacios

Smiling cardinal Quiroga Palacios in a splendid cape and a mitre with characteristic endings on its edges.


Little girl taking a photo of cardinal Spellman (in the ferraiolo of watered silk).

Mighty mitre

Eugenio cardinal Pacelli with assistant deacons during liturgical celebrations in Lourdes.

Joyful cardinal

Card. Léger P.S.S. in a choir cassock – he did not do well during the Council but everyone looked good in pompons …

Bp. Otunga

Bp. Otunga, later cardinal, a son of a tribal chief: from pagan to cardinal.

Bishop Ford M.M.

This bishop was an apostolic prefect for Kaying and, subsequently, the first bishop of the diocese of Meixian, China. He was imprisoned, …


“The ideas of the Church are like her vestments; always well dressed but never the slave of passing fashion.” In the middle …


We should be glad that technology made progress and now microphones are smaller :)

On the Calvary

Holy Mass celebrated by Archbishop Fulton Sheen in the Basilica of the Holy Sepulchre, at the altar of the Latins, in the …

Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday in the Westminster Cathedral celebrated according to the liturgical books from before the reforms of Pius XII. The deacons assisting …


A photo taken during a ceremony of blessing a cornerstone. Ah, those Spanish dalmatics…

Card. Gasparri

Pietro cardinal Gasparri sitting on the throne during a solemn pontifical Mass.

Abp. Lefebvre

Apostolic Delegate for French-speaking Africa, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre C.S.Sp., during a visit to Madagascar.

Procession of the Holy Blood

Bishops participating in the Procession of the Holy Blood taking place annually in Bruges on the day of Ascension.

Beginnning of a match

Having given his blessing, the bishop walks among the players so that they can kiss his ring.