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The reason of the resignation of Pope Benedict seems to be clear ;)

Fanon ♥

Pope Benedict XVI censing the altar during the Mass celebrated on the Saint Peter’s Square on 21 X 2012, during which he …

The choir dress

Benedict XVI in the winter choir dress on the Benediction Loggia.

Papa ♥

Holy Father Benedict XVI during the Mass on the Feast of Epiphany consecrated, among others, his secretary and the Prefect of the …

Sedia gestatoria ;)

The sedia gestatoria of Benedict XVI ;) It seems that those who push it are chamberlains and the chains fastening the tails …

A gift

The presentation of the tiara to Pope Benedict XVI.

A play

Andrea Landini reveals the truth what tassels were used for ;) You don’t like tassels – you don’t like kitties!

Cardinal style

Another painting by Jehan Georges Vibert in our pinacotheca. Tri-corner hat ♥


To make a sacrifice is not an easy thing to do.

Church beetles

Jean Ignace Gérard, known as J.J. Grandville, depicted the clergy as beetles. Or maybe the other way round?

Card. Richelieu’s kitties

Charles Édouard Delort depicted cardinal Richelieu’s kitties. The prelate is said to have had 14 of them, including one from Poland.

Spanish tiara

The tiara presented to Holy Father Pius IX by the queen of Spain, Isabel II, in 1854. It is topped by a …

Tiara from Bologna

The tiara presented to Leo XIII in 1903 on the occasion of the silver jubilee of his pontificate. The tiara, made of …

Palatine Tiara

It seems that the tiara presented to Pius IX by the Palatine Guard in 1877 is the one most frequently seen in …

Tiara of Pius XI

The tiara presented to Pius XI by the faithful of the Archdiocese of Milan in 1922. On the silver mesh there are …

Tiara of Gregory XVI

The tiara of Gregory XVI studded with 146 gems and surmounted by a cross of 11 diamonds on top of a blue …

Belgian Tiara

The tiara presented to Pius IX by ladies-in-waiting of the king of Belgians, Leopold II, on 18 June 1871 on the occasion …

Tiara of Leo XIII

The tiara presented to Pope Leo XIII by Parisian Catholics in 1888 to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of his priesthood. Originally it was …