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So we post it ;)

O, that’s a good one – I’m gonna send it to IKTP, maybe they’ll post it.

Crochet cardinal

And here the crochet cardinal which we received as a gift, made by Ania from O tym mówi bajka :)


A figurine shows the infamous prince Louis René Édouard de Rohan Guéménée, the bishop of Salzburg, the Grand Almoner of France and, …


Such a present for Children’s Day would be awesome :)


Little girl taking a photo of cardinal Spellman (in the ferraiolo of watered silk).

Appeal of tassels

Every girl loves tassels… :) In the photo: Lawrence card. Shehan, the archbishop of Baltimore.

Cat pompons

It is a standard that cardinal Burke has red socks. It is obvious that mons. Wach has shoes with buckles. It is …

Umbraculum modo polonico ;)

In a parish where the church was being built and did not have even the roof Corpus Cristi was celebrated. It started …

True :)

Cardinal Macharski is absolutely right :)


Technological development does not exclude pompons :)


Lavabo inter innocentes linteas meas et levigabo altare tuum Domine (I shall wash my tablecloths among the innocent and I shall iron …