Pinacotheca pomponica

Corpus Christi at St. Germain’s

Lancelot Théodore Turpin de Crissé (1782 – 1859) – The Royal Fête-Dieu procession at St. Germain-L’Auxerrois, oil on canvas. The red colour of the vestments and the canopy, which was the colour of the office of this feast, characteristic of the Paris liturgy, attracts attention. This is clearly visible in the attire of the seven pluvialists leading the procession, one of whom serves as the crucifer, and the other six as cantors. Their distinguishing feature is a tall, pointed headgear, popular until the 19th century among the chapters of French cathedrals. We should also mention the altar boys or the choir singers, in very long surplices, similar to those of the rest of the clergy, girded with a sash and in calottes on their heads. A different type of surplice, without sleeves, can be seen on other clergymen in the painting.

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