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Trappist from Oka

Monks praying in front of the Stations of the Cross in the Trappist Abbey of Notre-Dame du Lac, Oka, Quebec, the end …

Dominican flabella

A solemn First Mass in the Dominican Rite. Two fans (flabella) are visible in the picture, held by acolytes kneeling on the …


Daughters of Charity during a meal in the open air :)

Chapter Room

Trappist monks gathered in the monastery Chapter Room.


A Carmelite nun kneeling in a cell by a bed and sewing a stole. Photo from the early twentieth century.

The old way

Father Pius (Padre Pio) from Pietrelcina O.F.M.Cap. carrying in a veil a chalice with the Lord’s Body, covered with a white chalice …

Penitential celebrations

Solemn High Mass celebrated in the period of penance, which is easy to recognize by the broad stole (stola latior) of the …

Child Jesus

Father Pio O.F.M. Cap. carrying a Baby Jesus figurine in a procession before the Midnight Mass.

Dominican preparation

The preparation of the chalice during a High Mass in the Dominican Rite was performer before the chanting of the Gospel at …

Fr. Pius

Father Pius from Pietrelcina O.F.M. Cap. When fulfilling the function of subdeacon during a High Mass celebrated by fr. Agostino from San …

Dom Kleiner

Father Sighard Kleiner O.Cist., the Abbot General of the Cisterian Order, in a solemn choir dress, namely white cappa magna.

Fr. Lais

Father Joseph Lais C.O. observing the sky through the telescope in Specula Vaticana (the Vatican Observatory) established in 1576 by pope Gregory …

Father Kolbe

Father Maksymilian Maria Kolbe O.F.M. Conv. together with other Franciscan brothers dressed in mass vestments, two of whom are Japanese. Father Kolbe …

Dominican bishop

José Cueto y Díez de la Maza O.P., the bishop of the diocese of Canary Islands, in choir dress proper to a …