Silks, trains and ermines

Episcopal consecration

LA_mc_guckenEpiscopal consecration in the cathedral of St. Vibiana in Los Angeles, March 19, 1941. The newly consecrated bishop Joseph McGucken is sitting on the faldstool, whereas the main consecrator, abp. John Cantwell, is reading the prayers from the pontifical canon held by one of the pluvialists, accompanied by an altar server with a bugia (a fascinating thing is that both pluvialists have veils, which are usually worn only by those who hold the mitre and the crosier). The train of the choir cassock of the archbishop is held by a train-bearer in a fariola, although he should wear only a surplice donned on a violet cassock. On the left, in the copes, there are two co-consecrators, bishops Daniel Gercke and Philip Scher.

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