And this is what Poland is

Nuncio Ratti on Polish religiosity.

Apostolic nuncio, archbishop Achille Ratti, and the aide-de-camp of the Chief of State Józef Piłsudski, major-general Jan Jacyna, in a carriage in front of Belweder palace. .

“Religiosity of this nation is also more visible than natural kindness: it suffices only one glance at the focused and pious people gathered in their churches; it suffices to listen how they pray and chant, expressing their innermost love to God. What is even more, the Polish do not like to go to church only for a moment; on the contrary, they relish long services and one could say that they never want to finish the chant of litanies which usually are solemn and slow, like lamentations, expressing sorrow and pain almost unceasingly. Whoever knows the history of this country, even to a small extent, believes that they resound with suffering and miseries with which this history abounds (…) a Catholic and a Pole are, and must be, synonyms: this is the history, the feeling and the love for the national and the domestic religion (…).”.

[źródło: Idziemy nr 33 (310)]