Una sancta

Tu es Sacerdos in aeternum

A solemn First Mass celebrated before the Blessed Sacrament exposed. This is the Ambrosian liturgy, which we can recognize by a stole on the deacon’s dalmatic and by a cappino – a characteristic collar on the vestments of the celebrant and levites.

We are Eucharistic priests. Watch a priest say Mass and you can tell how he treats souls in a confessional, how he ministers to the sick and poor, whether or not he is interested in making converts, whether he is more concerned about pleasing the “Bishop” than “the Lord God” how effective he is in instilling patience and resignation in those who suffer, whether he loves the rich, or the rich and the poor, and whether he gives only money-sermons or Christ words. The moral rot of the priesthood starts with a want of lively faith in the Divine Presence, and the sanctity of the priesthood starts there too.

The Priest is Not His Own, 1963, page unknown [from: blog Arcybiskupa Fultona J. Sheena]

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