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Gorzkie Żale and nuncio Ratti


This very beautiful Polish devotion made a great impression on our merciful reigning Holy Father Pius XI, who, desiring to become acquainted with the “Gorzkie Żale” (“Bitter Lamentations”), which was so beloved in Poland, listened to this devotion on his knees, and with a copy of “Gorzkie Żale” in his hands, he followed every word, every verse, every reflection and the doleful melody of these superb but simple chants. And after three whole hours of the devotion, he left the church, lavishly praising both “Gorzkie Żale” devotion and the piety of the Polish people [Tygodnik Parafii Szamotulskiej, 1938, R I, No. 11]. When the former apostolic nuncio to Poland sat on the Chair of St. Peter, he supposedly used to ask Polish delegations coming to the Vatican whether this noble custom of singing Gorzkie Żale still prevails in our country.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the traditional, folk performance of Gorzkie Żaly performed by the band “Pogranicze” from Szypliszki.

The photo shows the Apostolic Nuncio, Fr. Archbishop Achilles Ratti in front of the Belweder Palace in the company of, among others: the head of diplomatic protocol of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, hr. Stefan Przeździecki (first from the right), the Polish ambassador to the Vatican Władysław Skrzyński (second from the right) and Józef Piłsudski’s adjutant Maj. Gen. Jan Jacyna (third from the right) on the day of submitting credentials to the Chief of State.