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Ioannes Paulus II

In the early years of his pontificate, during the term of office of two Masters of Pontifical Ceremonies, Virgilio Noè (behind the …

In albis

His Holiness John XXIII in the Paschal choir dress, albeit incomplete. In the Easter Octave the Pope was dressed all in white: …

Consistory 1953

Pope Pius XII in the Throne Room of the Vatican Palace, surrounded by newly created cardinals after the ceremony of handing over …


His Holiness Paul VI in the papal choir cassock of white moire silk and with a pectoral cross hung on a golden …


Heinrich Pfyffer von Altishofen Commander of the Foot Corps of the Swiss at the Sacred Guard of the Pontiff (Cohors Pedestris Helvetiorum a …

Winter slippers

Pius X’s velvet slippers lined with fur and decorated with brocade hems and embroidered crosses on the toes.

Sedan chair

Pope Leo XIII, surrounded by the Noble Guard, carried in a sedan chair through the corridors of the Apostolic Palace.


Pope Pius XII in the winter choir dress with a short falda at the secret consistory on January 14, 1953.

Paschal mozzetta

His Holiness Paul VI in the Paschal choir dress (white mozzetta with white stole) at the signing of the Encyclical Populorum Progressio …

Why sedia gestatoria?

Here is a photographic explanation of why popes should continue to use a portable throne called sedia gestatoria: not only it’s better …

Ermein of Pius XII

Pope Pius XII blessing the City and the World from the loggia of the Basilica of St. Mary the Major. The Pope …

Salve, Regina

Pius XII praying before the painting of Our Lady of Częstochowa  in the chapel of the papal summer residence in Castel Gandolfo. …

Pius IX

Holy Father Pope Pius IX, surrounded by his prelates (in croccia), members of the Noble Guard (on the right) and a Papal …


Holy Father John Paul II in the papal tabarro.

Presenting the tiara

Presentation of the tiara, a gift of the faithful of the diocese of Milan, to Pope Pius XI. The Sistine Chapel, 1923.

Pius PP. IX

His Holiness Pope Pius IX (Giovanni Maria Mastai Ferretti) in the winter choir dress.

Paschal mozzetta

His Holiness Pope John XXIII in the Paschal stole and mozzetta, but, unfortunately, already without the Easter camerino.

Opus iustitiae pax

His Holiness Pope Pius XII, 259th Successor of St. Peter, at the time of prayer in the Vatican Basilica.


Holy Father Pius X, pope from August 4, 1903 to August 20, 1914. The abbreviation P•O•M visible under his name means Pontifex …

De Propaganda Fide

Pius XI, giving his blessing during the inauguration of the new headquarters of the Pontifical Athenaeum De Propaganda Fide. Next to the pope …