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Holy Father Pius X, pope from August 4, 1903 to August 20, 1914. The abbreviation P•O•M visible under his name means Pontifex …

De Propaganda Fide

Pius XI, giving his blessing during the inauguration of the new headquarters of the Pontifical Athenaeum De Propaganda Fide. Next to the pope …

Porta Sancta

Holy Father John Paul II in the former papal mantum at the closing of the Holy Door of the Vatican Basilica at …

Pope, Queen and Prince

Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, pictured with Pope John XXIII during an audience, the Apostolic Palace, …

In the office

Leo XIII in his office. We would like to draw your attention to the canopy above the desk of the Holy Father.

Ioannes Paulus

Holy Father John Paul I on his election day. In the photo it is clearly visible the watered silk cassock and the …

St. Peter’s Square

Solemn papal blessing given by Pope Pius IX from the loggia of Saint Peter’s Basilica. The huge drape shrouding the Benediction Balcony draws attention.

Sala del Tronetto

Sala del Tronetto, or the little throne room, in the Apostolic Palace on the Vatican.


If you are pope, sit like a pope!  :)

Ioannes PP. XXIII

Holy Father John XXIII. It seems to be the last photo of this kind, where the pope posed at the sedia gestatoria …

Paulus VI

Holy Father Paul VI in a winter choir dress and in a stole with his papal coat of arms and figures of …

Paschal dress

Holy Father John XXIII in a Paschal choir dress: white slippers, stole and mozzetta. Only camerino, practically unused by his predecessors, remained …

Pope John

John XXIII during the visit to the Roman Parish of Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament and the Canadian Martyrs.


Is the snow or the frost – choir dress must be :)

On a walk

Pope Pius X strolling in the Vatican Gardens.

Pius PP. XI

Papież Pius XI w zimowym stroju chórowym, choć w pasie z frędzlami, a nie pomponami, i w stule Leona XIII. Pope Pius …

Benedict XV about Poland

Don’t be afraid of hardships – You shall go to the nation where the Faith is on the first place and the …


His Holiness Pius XI sitting on the cathedra in the Archbasilica of St. John Lateran.