A rubrical Jesus

The depiction of Merciful Jesus by Adolf Hyła.

This is the widely known version of the picture of Merciful Jesus. As we know, however, this is not the only version, let alone the original one. A certain liturgical detail in this depiction of Christ is incongruous. Sister Faustyna and father Sopoćko wanted to precisely reflect the posture of the Jesus from the vision and in the picture his hand is raised to high: according to the former regulations, the priest blessed drawing out with the hand the very same line which is drawn when making the sign of the cross; therefore it could not leave the framework of the shoulders, as well as it could not be raised above the forehead when beginning the blessing. The due care was given also to depict Jesus looking downwards, just like the rubrics order the celebrant to do when he greets the faithful with the words Dominus vobiscum

The depiction of Merciful Jesus by Eugeniusz Kazimirowski.