Silks, trains and ermines

Procession of Silence

Bishop Miguel de los Santos Díaz y Gómara, Ordinary of the Diocese of Cartagena in Spain, surrounded by members of the Brotherhood of the Holy Christ of Refuge, during the so-called Procession of Silence, since 1943 traversing the darkened streets of Murcia (initially at midnight on Good Friday, and in 1958 its start was accelerated by two hours). The confreres are dressed in traditional Spanish penitential robes with high, pointed, face-covering hoods. Bishop Díaz y Gómara is participating in the procession in the winter, ermine-lined cappa magna, with his head covered with a hood. In the case of the clergy privileged to use a cappa magna, it was one of the distinguishing features of the penitent nature of the ceremony; the latter one was the train of the cappa lying loose on the ground. In this case, however, it is being held on the prelate’s shoulder. A notable detail is the gloves, forbidden in a combination with a cappa magna, on which one can easily notice the bishop’s ring [photo from Cofradía del Stmo. Cristo del Refugio].

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