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Benedictus PP. XVI, Page 3


Holy Father Benedict XVI in a shortened papal mantum of John XXIII celebrating from the throne solemn Vespers in Saint Peter’s Basilica …

Ad Dominum

My eyes ever towards the Lord, for he will pluck my feet out of the net [Ps. 24, 15].


On 29 June 1951, in the cathedral in Freising, Joseph Ratzinger, our beloved Pope Benedict XVI, was consecrated priest by the archbishop …

Papal combo :)

The first picture of that kind in the history of the Church.

Pope emeritus

The first photography of Benedict XVI as the pope emeritus. (photo by ANSA)

The Pope and the cardinal

Pope Benedict XVI giving pax to cardinal Raymond Burke, fulfilling the function of the assistant cardinal deacon, during a solemn papal Mass on Saint Peter’s …

Love you forever!

A picture of Pope Benedict taken during the meeting with the youth on Cracow Błonia Park. We were there. Waiting for the …

Benedictus XVI ♥ ♥ ♥

Benedictus XVI kneeling at the faldstool during the chant of Credo at the Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve A.D. 2012.

A kitten ;)

A photo (slightly changed by us) which we found on the website: conservationcubclub :)

Holy Father

Benedict XVI in Freiburg im Breisgau, 25 IX 2011.


The reason of the resignation of Pope Benedict seems to be clear ;)

Fanon ♥

Pope Benedict XVI censing the altar during the Mass celebrated on the Saint Peter’s Square on 21 X 2012, during which he …

The choir dress

Benedict XVI in the winter choir dress on the Benediction Loggia.

Papa ♥

Holy Father Benedict XVI during the Mass on the Feast of Epiphany consecrated, among others, his secretary and the Prefect of the …

Sedia gestatoria ;)

The sedia gestatoria of Benedict XVI ;) It seems that those who push it are chamberlains and the chains fastening the tails …

A gift

The presentation of a tiara, a gift of German Catholics, to Pope Benedict XVI, conducted by an entrepreneur and collector of religious …