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Cardinal Wyszynski during the Vacant See in the courtyard of the Apostolic Palace: purple color instead of red (except for a saturno) …


Cardinals during a solemn session of the Second Vatican Council. In the bottom row there are three cardinal bishops (from the left): …


The Chrism Mass in the church of the Colegiata of St. Isidro in Madrid: Bishop Prudencio Melo y Alcalde celebrated it in …

Dominica in Palmis

Archpriest of the Basilica of St. Peter on the Vatican, Cardinal Eugenio Pacelli, during the procession on Palm Sunday, March 20, 1932. …


The papal legate, card. Pacelli, during the Holy Mass celebrated in the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris on July 13, 1937. The throne …

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During one of the solemn session of the Second Vatican Council.

Abp. Williams

Archbishop Thomas Williams, the Metropolitan of Birmingham, surrounded by assistant ministers during the procession preceding the High Pontifical Mass, London, 1929.


Washing of hands during the pontifical High Mass celebrated by card. Masella, Fatima, 1946. The kneeling ones with utensils for the lavabo …

Bp. Fillon

The photograph taken after the episcopal consecration of Fr. Louis Joseph Fillon conferred by his namesake, Cardinal Maurin (both in the center …


Cardinal Karel Boromejský Kašpar giving the blessing with the Blessed Sacrament.

Buenos Aires

Procession with the Blessed Sacrament during the 32nd International Eucharistic Congress in Buenos Aires.  The papal legate, cardinal Pacelli, kneels before a …

Card. Stickler

Alfons Maria Cardinal Stickler reading the Prologue of St. John’s Gospel at the end of a Solemn Pontifical Mass.


Cardinal Emmanuel Suhard, the archbishop of Paris, during the Maundy Thursday ceremony of foot washing, 1947.

Mighty mitre

Mighty Roncalli – mighty mitre :) [the photo from Orbis Catholicus Sacundus].

Abp. Cesarano

Archbishop Andrea Cesarano, the Metropolitan of Manfredonia, during the solemn entrance to the city.


A High Pontifical Mass celebrated near the ruins of the St. Mary’s Cathedral in Nagasaki to commemorate the 400th anniversary of St. …

Abp. Montini

Giovanni Batista Montini, the archbishop of Milan, during a ceremony in the town of Corbetta.

Card. Tedeschini

The Papal Legate, Federico Cardinal Tedeschini, in pontifical vestments during the 35th International Eucharistic Congress in Barcelona, 1952.

On horseback

The Patriarch of Venice, Giuseppe Cardinal Sarto, in Cima Grappa, 1901. Archbishop Giacomo della Chiesa during a pastoral visit in 1910. Archbishop Angelo …

Abp. Gori

Archbishop Alberto Gori O.F.M., the patriarch of Jerusalem, during a pontifical High Mass at the Holy Sepulchre [photo from Orbis Catholicus Secundus].

Card. Gasparri in Monte Cassino

Pietro Cardinal Gasparri sitting on the throne during a solemn pontifical Mass celebrated in the Abbey of Monte Cassino. The Master of …