Cappella Papale,  Papally

Pius X on a bier

Pio X on the bier

The body of Pius X (died August 20, 1914) resting on the catafalque in the Holy Sacrament Chapel, connecting with the Apostolic Palace, in the Basilica of St. Peter on the Vatican. The Holy Father is dressed in traditional red pontifical vestments, and the head rested on pillows is decorated with a miter embroidered with golden thread (mitra auriphrygiata). A spread train of the choir cassock is visible under his legs, and a subcinctorium with the image of the Lamb of God protrudes from under his left shoulder. The bier are placed close to the bars separating the chapel from the aisle of the church, but in the past they were placed next to the balustrade, so that the faithful who came to worship the deceased shepherd could kiss the papal slipper through the bars. In the depth of the photo, one can recognize the figure of a member of the Noble Guard on guard.