Tota pulchra et pretiosa

Palatine Tiara

It seems that the tiara presented to Pius IX by the Palatine Guard in 1877 is the one most frequently seen in the photos. Made of silver mesh over a felt base with three crowns with floral ornaments, the tiara is adorned with 540 pearls. The three crowns are decorated with various gems: rubies, emeralds, sapphires, grenades, spinels, aquamarines, hyacinths  and chrysolites. The top of the tiara consists of a thin gold layer with 8 rubies and 8 emeralds on it. There is a blue enamelled monde topped with a cross with 11 brilliants on them. A lovely ornament is small flowers interwoven between the tassels of lappets on which the coat of arms of Pius IX is visible.