Tota pulchra et pretiosa

Tiara of Pius XI

The tiara presented to Pius XI by the faithful of the Archdiocese of Milan in 1922. On the silver mesh there are three golden crowns, the “leaves” of which are enamelled green and have the form of olive leaves; moreover, they are decorated with emeralds, rubies and diamonds. Whereas the two lower crowns are decorated with a floral motif, the highest is adorned with a ring of 150 pearls. On the monde of the tiara there are golden sunbeams decorated with rubies: the golden base decorated with diamonds raises of it. Infulae of the tiara, made of white silk, woven and embroidered with golden strands depict flames and the coat of arms of Pius XI. In addition, they are decorated with pearls and their tassels with dark gems in the form of teardrops.