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Choristers of Dijon cathedral

The attire of the singers comprised, apart from a surplice, a red cassock, a coat and a zucchetto, the trims and buttons …


If you cense, do it with the style. Altar boys from France, practising before a Corpus Christi procession.

Altar boys’ capes

In cappa magna is cardinal Binet, the archbishop of Besançon. The taller altar boys keep relics on the feretrum, but it is the …


Archbishop Maurice-Louis Dubourg, Metropolitan of Besançon, in pontifical vestments, posing for a photo with altar boys clad in albs and with crosses …

Roman tunics

Albs of French altar boys in the character of those worn in Rome even today, and which refer to antique tunics, worn …

Procession in Bruges

The Procession of the Holy Blood in Bruges. Behind the cross and candles the relics of St. Donat and St. Basil are …

Collegium Capranicense

A seminarian of Collegium Capranicense, one of the oldest and most well-known Italian seminaries founded by cardinal Domenico Capranica in 1457. The …


Choristers from the Montserrat Abbey choir during a traditional December fancy dress party beginning on St. Nicholas’ Day: the boy chosen to …


Year 1975. Altar boys’ mantellettas :D


The city of Grado, the seat of one of patriarchates which, in the year 1451, was incorporated into the Patriarchate of Venice.


White cassocks, but with dark cuffs and collars, and dark sashes – some pompon!


Can we talk about altar boys’ grades in this case? ;)

Seville altar boys

Altar boys from Seville are the best: albs with parures (parurae) and tunicles/dalmatics with tassels ♥


These bands look almost like the deacon’s stoles.


Choirboys in mozzettas with hoods and furry trim [source].