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Missa pontificalis

Cardinal Tisserant during High Pontifical Mass celebrated on the occasion of the dedication of the University of Notre Dame library (South Bend, …

Card. Quiroga Palacios

Smiling cardinal Quiroga Palacios in a splendid cape and a mitre with characteristic endings on its edges.


Little girl taking a photo of cardinal Spellman (in the ferraiolo of watered silk).

Mighty mitre

Eugenio cardinal Pacelli with assistant deacons during liturgical celebrations in Lourdes.

Joyful cardinal

Card. Léger P.S.S. in a choir cassock – he did not do well during the Council but everyone looked good in pompons …

Bp. Otunga

Bp. Otunga, later cardinal, a son of a tribal chief: from pagan to cardinal.

Bishop Ford M.M.

This bishop was an apostolic prefect for Kaying and, subsequently, the first bishop of the diocese of Meixian, China. He was imprisoned, …


“The ideas of the Church are like her vestments; always well dressed but never the slave of passing fashion.” In the middle …


We should be glad that technology made progress and now microphones are smaller :)

On the Calvary

Holy Mass celebrated by Archbishop Fulton Sheen in the Basilica of the Holy Sepulchre, at the altar of the Latins, in the …

Palm Sunday at Westminster

Palm Sunday in the Westminster Cathedral, April 5, 1936. The priests and the faithful are standing in front of the church door …


A photo taken during a ceremony of blessing a cornerstone. Ah, those Spanish dalmatics…

Card. Gasparri

Pietro cardinal Gasparri sitting on the throne during a solemn pontifical Mass.

Procession of the Holy Blood

Bishops participating in the Procession of the Holy Blood taking place annually in Bruges on the day of Ascension.

Beginnning of a match

Having given his blessing, the bishop walks among the players so that they can kiss his ring.

Appeal of tassels

Every girl loves tassels… :) In the photo: Lawrence card. Shehan, the archbishop of Baltimore.


The Archbishop of Palermo, Ernesto Cardinal Ruffini, surrounded by canons,  conferring minor orders.

Old Belgium

Dutch bishops during a procession of the Holy Blood in Bruges. In 1310, Pope Clement V issued a bull, in which he …

Bp. Sheen’s consecration

Bp. Fulton Sheen’s episcopal consecration. On this occasion we give our regards to Iza from the blog Arcybiskup Fulton J. Sheen.