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Dominican ferraiolo

Consecration of the new cathedral in Aquino. From the left are: a canon from Aquino in a cappa parva, Argentinian cardinal Santiago …


Alfredo Ildefonso Schuster O.S.B. in a Benedictine cappa magna [from The Far Sight].


A High Mass with profession in the Benedictine abbey in Kansas. The votarists are lying prostrate covered with a black shroud with …

Abp. Piazza

Archbishop Adeodato Giovanni Piazza O.C.D., the Patriarch of Venice, in a winter cappa magna.


Two Cistercian abbots: in a mantelletta is Dom Columban Mulcahy, in a mantelletta and a mozzetta is Dom Camillus Claffey, whereas in …


A photo from Benedictine Abbey of St. Andrew in Lophem Lez Bruges where we may observe rarely seen arrangement during the Introit: …


Apostolic nuncio to France, archbishop Roncalli, during a procession before a pontifical High Mass in the ruins of gothic Benedictine abbey of …

Canons Regular

The provost of Canons Regular in Klosterneuburg during a High Mass [photo: Klosterneuburger Marginalien]


Saturday of Ember Days was traditionally the day when ordinations took place. The deacon and the subdeacon are wearing a chasuble folded …

Fr. Cheng

Fr. Cheng S.I. during a Mass in the Chinese prison.

Colonial style

In a cappa magna is bishop Jean-Félix de Hemptinne O.S.B., the Vicar Apostolic in Katanga (Kongo) and the titular bishop of Mila.

Capuchin cardinal

Guglielmo Cardinal Massaia O.F.M. Cap. On the table there is a beautiful tri-corn Roman hat ♥


Be like Saint Father Pius – celebrate in the old way! Looking at the photo one asks a question: how could anyone …

San Giovanni Rotondo

The chant of the Gospel during a solemn High Mass on Resurrection Sunday at the Church of Our Lady of Grace in …

Saint Father Pio

“The greatest favour Father Superior may do for me is to allow me to abstain from food.”


A Solemn High Mass celebrated by a Benedictine abbot in the Montserrat abbey.

Dominican nuns

Two of the founding sisters of the contemplative Dominican monastery in Pakistan during a ride on a camel.


Oh, those old school nuns :)