And this is what Poland is

The Gospel proclaimed the Polish way

The coronation of the statue of Our Lady of Jazłowiec, the patroness of 14th Uhlan Regiment, conducted by the Primate of Poland, Cardinal August Hlond, on 9 July 1939. The photography shows the moment when Polish soldiers are presenting their weapons during the proclamation of the words of the Gospel. This was supposed to refer to the custom mentioned by Jan Długosz, supposedly existing in Poland since the times of Mieszko I. The nobility was to draw half the sword from the scabbard during the Holy Mass at the reading of the Holy Gospel. This gesture confirmed the readiness to defend the Christian faith and the values it carries. It is difficult to determine its historicity, as it is usually only confirmed in various Sarmatian diaries and memoirs, where it is described as an example of an ancient and glorious, but long-extinct custom, which can only be witnessed sporadically and in few places.