Cappella Papale

Canonization Mass

Solemn High Pontifical Mass celebrated by Pius XII on 7th May 1950, on the occasion of the canonization of Archbishop Antonio Maria Claret. The Pope is visible at the Altar of the Confession of Saint Peter, surrounded by the cardinal bishop assistant and one of the archbishops assistants to the papal throne (the others are standing with mitres in their hands on the side steps of the altar) and the master of ceremonies. Behind the Holy Father is standing the cardinal deacon of the Mass and below him two cardinals deacons assistants. Behind them there is the subdeacon of the Mass flanked by a deacon and a hypodeacon of the Greek rite, and below them other members of the assist. On the right side of the photo, one can see chaplains acting as candle-bearers, leaving the altar. It is worth paying attention to the unusual size of the Paschal candle standing next to the left column supporting the canopy.

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