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In purple

The funeral of the Archbishop of Paris, Cardinal Emmanuel Suhard, June 1949. In the photo one can see cardinals in mourning choir dress.


Bp. Marcel-François Lefebvre from the Congregation of the Holy Spirit under the protection of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. From 1947 Vicar …

Card. Bégin

Louis Nazaire Cardinal Bégin, Archbishop of Québec, Cardinal Priest of the church of Sts. Vitalis, Valeris, Gervase and Protase.

Archpriest Pacelli

Archpriest of the Basilica of St. Peter on the Vatican, Cardinal Eugenio Pacelli, during the procession on Palm Sunday, March 20, 1932. …

Card. de la Torre

His Eminence Carlos María Javier Cardinal de la Torre, the Archbishop of Quito, in a winter cappa magna.

Sapieha in Vatican

Prince Adam Stefan Stanisław Bonifacy Józef Sapieha on the day of his cardinatial creation made by Pius XII, February 18, 1946 [the …

Patriarch Sabbah

The Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, Michel Sabbah, blesses with holy water priests and worshippers gathered at the entrance to the Church of …

Nuntius apostolicus

Abp. Eugenio Pacelli in the solemn choir dress the apostolic nuncio is entitled to, Germany, the ’20s.

Abp. Huyn

Pavel Maria Josef Antonín count Huyn, Archbishop of Prague and Primate of Bohemia, in a choir dress with a spread cassock’s train.


The Public Consistory, December 22, 1927. Among the five newly created cardinals were three religious, who unlike the other two, Hlond (first …

Patriarch Roncalli

The new Patriarch of Venice, Angelo Cardinal Roncalli, in the day of taking the possesion of his episcopal see, March 15, 1953.

Card. König

Franz Cardinal König, Archbishop of Vienna, cardinal-priest of the church of St. Eusebius on the Esquiline.

Abp. Schlarman as a chieftain

Payetanimah, a chief of the Menominee tribe, made Archbishop Joseph H. Schlarman of Peoria an honorary Indian chief, giving him the title …

Card. Spellman

Cardinal Francis Spellman in liturgical vestments with a spread cassock’s train after a High Pontifical Mass.


Card. Burke in a cappa magna praying before the Blessed Sacrament.

Card. Frings

His Eminence Joseph Frings, the Archbishop of Cologne and the Cardinal-Priest of the Basilica of St. John before the Latin Gate.

Ingress of Abp. Wojtyla

Archbishop Karol Wojtyła in the winter cappa magna during his ingress to the Royal Archcathedral Basilica of Saints Stanislaus and Wenceslaus on …

Bp. Sabbah

Bishop Michel Sabbah, Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, kissing the Stone of the Anointing in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre A.D. 2003.


What the hood of a cappa magna looks like [the photo from Orbis Catholicus].

Palm Sunday in Sevilla

Canons in cappae during the procession around the Cathedral of Blessed Virgin Mary in Seville on Palm Sunday, April 4, 1909. The …