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Pinacotheca pomponica, Page 3

St. Jerome

A painting by Domenico Ghirlandaio presenting St. Jerome in the winter cappa magna with characteristic cuts on the sides which allowed to …

Cappello romano

Jehan Georges Vibert – A Fine Point. The cardinal presented in the painting holds a traditional tri-corner Roman hat.


Jehan Georges Vibert – The Siesta.

Power of the keys

Illumination of the XIII century manuscript Li Livres dou Santé. The term potestas clavium (power of the keys) assumes a completely different meaning …

A play

Andrea Landini reveals the truth what tassels were used for ;) You don’t like tassels – you don’t like kitties!

Cardinal style

Another painting by Jehan Georges Vibert in our pinacotheca. Tri-corner hat ♥


To make a sacrifice is not an easy thing to do.

Church beetles

Jean Ignace Gérard, known as J.J. Grandville, depicted the clergy as beetles. Or maybe the other way round?

Card. Richelieu’s kitties

Charles Édouard Delort depicted cardinal Richelieu’s kitties. The prelate is said to have had 14 of them, including one from Poland. In the background, …