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Privilegiati, Page 3


Solemn choir dress of the canon of the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Nicotera in Calabria, consisting …


Fr. Osvaldo Crivelli during the celebration of his taking in possession the parish of St. Stephen in Tesserete (Switzerland). As one may …


The procession before the episcopal consecrations of Michał Kozal, now blessed, the auxiliary bishop of the diocese of Włocławek. In the photo …


The Patriarch of Lisbon, card. Cerejeira in the saturno and the cappa magna, the train of which is carried by a train-bearer …

Catholic France

In the photo there are canons from Quimper and a representative of the chapter of Besançon next to whom walks bishop Dubillard, …

Canonici mitrati

The city of Grado. Under the baldaquin we may see the Patriarch of Venice, card. Urbani, in the winter cappa magna. He …

Canon of Salzburg

A canon of the chapter in Salzburg in the cappa parva is carrying the cross faced towards the bishops walking behind.

L’Ultimo Patriarca

Mons. Fain, the archpriest of St. Euphemia basilica in Grado which formerly was the cathedral of the Patriarchate of Grado.

Canon of Notre-Dame Cathedral

Joseph Foulon, cardinal, the archbishop of Lyon and the Primate of the Gauls. The date of the photo suggest that he is …


Fr. Alfonso Pessina, an archpriest of the collegiate church in Balerna (Switzerland) with a ferula in hand.

Cappa parva

A canon from Foggia in a cappa parva with an interesting bond.


In the middle, in the mantelletta, the archbishop of Westminster, John Heenan, next to him, in the mozzetta, bishop Joseph Rudderham, the …

Catholic Spain

King Alfonso XIII is kneeling before the Primate, the archbishop of Toledo. Please, pay attention to the altar boys’ surplices and the …

Ermine mozzetta

A cathedral canon from Soissons. This version of the mozzetta, with ermine and tails, was abolished in 1922 – whom did it …

Canonici parati

A pontifical Mass in the Westminster cathedral. In the right lower corner, in the choir, there are canons dressed in chasubles and …


Et incarnatus est… Apostolic delegate, archbishop Godfrey, celebrates a pontifical Mass from the faldstool in the presence of the papal legate and …

Canons of Aquino

Cathedral canons of Aquino had the privilege of using the mitre simplex and the crosier, and the cappa parva.


Archpriest John Tam with a ferula in hand and in a cappa parva.


A canon of the Freiburg chapter in the choir dress with almuce.