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Rev. Cachia

Reverend Vincenz Cachia, an archpriest of St. Helen’s Basilica in Birkirkara (Malta), in choir dress. What is interesting and unique, the stole …

Canon Liegeois

Father Désiré Liegeois, a honorary canon of the Cathedral of Tournai.

Georg Ratzinger

Georg Ratzinger wearing an almuce, i.e. the winter choir dress of the canons of the Regensburg Cathedral.

Easter Vigil in Westminster

Blessing of the fire during the Easter Vigil celebrated in the metropolitan cathedral of the Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ …

Palm Sunday in Sevilla

Canons in cappae during the procession around the Cathedral of Blessed Virgin Mary in Seville on Palm Sunday, April 4, 1909. The …

Canon from Toledo

Juan González Mateo, a canon of the Metropolitan Cathedral of Our Lady in Toledo, in a solemn choir dress.

Chapter of Rouen

The members of the cathedral chapter of Rouen, with the almuces slung over the shoulders, during a procession, 1897 [source].

Fr. Sopoćko

Fr. Michał Sopoćko (1888-1975) in the solemn choir dress of the gremial canon of the chapter of the Vilnian Metropolitan Basilica in …


Patriarch of Venice, Cardinal Roncalli, assisted by a cathedral canon, acting as an assistant deacon, in a simple mitre (mitra simplex) on …

Cura Gaucho

St. Fr. José Gabriel Brochero wearing the canon’s attire of the cathedral chapter in Córdoba (Argentina). It was a devout priest who, …


Canons in winter choir dress during a procession, Bruges.


Canons of the Cathedral of St. Nicholas in Fribourg in winter choir dress with almuce, 1912.

Procession of St. Norbert

Archbishop František Kordač, the Metropolitan of Prague, assisted by honorary deacons in mitres during a procession with the relics of St. Norbert [picture from …

Baculus cantoralis

Dom Umberto Bertini in full cantor’s array of Clairvaux monastery, including the cantoral staff (baculus cantoralis/choralis/praecentoris).

Mons. Howlett

Mons. Martin Howlett, canon and Administrator of Westminster Cathedral, wearing a winter cappa parva and Bernard Fitzalan-Howard, 16. Prince of Norfolk.

Macnamara canons

Two canons of the chapter at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption in Edinburgh, brothers Thomas (standing) and Patrick (sitting) …

Canon Nobels

Canon August Nobels, a member of the chapter of St. Bavo cathedral in Ghent, in the winter choir dress.

Strange cappa parva

Or the arm was put in a wrong place, or else it is some strange cappa parva. As one may easily recognise, …


The canons of St. Vitus cathedral as deacons assistants during the ingress of the new metropolitan of Prague, archbishop Karel Boromejský Kašpar.

Procession in Licata

A procession on Good Friday in the Italian town of Licata. On the front, there are two canons in winter cappae with …