And this is what Poland is

Archbishop’s cross

PIC_1-A-1610-18A solemn Mass coram Sanctissimum (this is why the bishop is sitting without mitre) celebrated by abp. Romuald Jałbrzykowski during the feast of Corpus Christi in Vilnius. In the middle of the photo one may see a crucifier subdeacon holding an archbishop’s cross in such a way that it is turned towards the metropolitan, thanks to which he has the Crucified constantly before his eyes. On the left side of the throne a prelate with a ferula in hand is sitting, which could indicate that he is fulfilling the function of the Master of Ceremonies (but why is he wearing mantelleta?). Behind him one may see Vilnius canons in cappa parva. On the left, on the platform, there is President Ignacy Mościcki.